Investment product that we have been developing for over 2 years.


Our system predicts 125 currency pairs that are available with OANDA broker. We can connect our system to your account and start managing your funds on your behalf. The rate of return that system will be able to generate directly depends on the accuracy of our predictions. You will be able to set up a target return in your Mirocana Account. This target annual return can be set from 5% to 150%.

Note: higher target return you set more risks system will take to achieve it.

To set up an integration between your OANDA account and our system you will need to provide your access key. This key gives us rights to place a new trading orders and modify existing orders on your behalf, but not the rights to withdraw or transfer the funds to another account.

Access to this product will be only given to the users who have at least 10,000 MIRO tokens by the end of the Token Sale. If the user did not purchase enough tokens during a Token Sale but purchased them later at the Exchange the user will be required to have at least 30,000 MIRO tokens to get access to this product.

We will not charge any fees for our service during the first 8 months of your experience with our product. After that period, when our relations will be trustworthy and our predictions are more accurate, we will charge 25% of profits that we helped you to make. Our fee will be billed monthly, in MIRO tokens. If it was a losing month we will compensate you 25% of the loss in MIRO tokens.

We expect you not to take any actions on the account to which our system is connected. If you knowingly or accidentally open or close some positions, the system will not stop working. It will only stop trading the securities that were affected by your actions and you will be able to restore trading settings in your Mirocana Account.

If you deposit more funds to the account or if you withdraw some funds from the account the system will notice that and it will automatically change the logic of money management and positions sizing. To withdraw more funds that free cash available on the account you will need to set the percentage of funds that you want the system to keep in cash in your Mirocana account.

10,000 MIRO tokens
In order to get access to that investment product, the user is required to have at least 10,000 MIRO tokens on the balance if the user participated in the Token Sale. And 30,000 MIRO tokens if the user did not.
In future, we will connect other brokers. And our customers will be able to choose the broker they want.
First 8 months are free of any charges. After that period we will charge 25% of all profits we helped you to gain, billed monthly, in MIRO tokens. If the month was unprofitable we will compensate you 25% of the loss in MIRO tokens.



25% is a very big fee? Isn't it?

Actually, it is a bit higher than the average of 20% that standard hedge-fund would charge you. As well almost every hedge-fund has ±2% annual fee of Assets Under Managment (AUM). We do not have that. Our fees only depend on your results and, most importantly, you set the results you want the system to achieve. Moreover, we will compensate you 25% in case of the loss which no hedge-fund will ever do for you.
NOTE: First 8 months after the Token Sale is free of any charges, commissions or fees.

Why first 8 months are free of comissions?

We want to build very long-term relationships with our customers. During the first 8 months of our service, you will be able to understand how the systems works, starting with the small balance or even a virtual account. We are not in hurry - we want to build a high-quality reliable product.

If you do not charge the fees for the first 8 months, how will you cover your expenses?

We will use the proceeds received from a Token Sale to hire more talented data scientists, quants, algo-traders and engineers to accelerate the development of investment product and crowd-sourced leaning platforms. Also, we manage our own funds using the system and we profit from that.

What is the minimum OANDA account?

As for the 1st September 2017, it is 50 US dollars.


OANDA was really easy to integrate since they have an HTTP FIX API that allows us to open and closed positions of customer's behalf. We will be adding new FOREX brokers in the future.

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