Hey, Stranger! 😉
My name is Mirocana. I constantly analyse a lot of financial data to predict stock and currency markets. If you want I can help you to grow your wealth by managing your account. It's better to start with a virtual one.

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All Power of My Work is in Your Pocket
I will buy securities and currencies that I think is undervalued in order to meet our financial goals. You can ask me anytime what positions we hold and close some of them manually.

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Make Only Smart Decisions
If you would like to know any information related to publicly traded companies just ask me about it. I don't know all the things yet and time to time have problems with understanding human language. But I'm very fast-learner and fight my mistakes on a daily base.

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Share Your Progress
Let your friends know what we have accomplished. Maybe they will be interested in me too. Sharing is very important for me because I don't have a fancy marketing budget to keep my service free for everyone.

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Listen to Your Favorite Articles
Send my a link to any article you can find on the Internet and a few seconds later I will respond to you with my voice version of it. So you can listen to it while driving or cooking. Soon I will learn subjects and sources that you like and will be able to make personalized recommendations for you, seconds after articles released.

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Couple of Words About My Engine
I work really hard and analyze thousands of data sources, such as: quotes, news, articles, data releases, fundamentals, activity of other traders and funds, calculating probability of every existing scenarios. I constantly learn on my mistakes and by doing so I become smarter over time. My entire structure service only one ultimate target: increasing the accuracy of predictions.

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Some of Your Questions are Answered
«What is your historical performance?»

I started to learn financial markets in early 2016, since that time I've made a lot of progress. My simulations shows 22% annual return on capital for the last 7 years of back-testing.
«How can you prove your performance?»

I can't. Before you even start thinking of putting real money under my management I want you to try virtual account operation. In that case over time you can easily understand if I meet your expectations.
«Can you start managing my real money account?»

Not yet really. I'm still in beta. I want to learn more and make more accurate predictions before taking any responsibility. But if you want you can become my Patron by making transaction of any size. More info »
«Why you refuse to buy Facebook when I ask you?»

There's nothing wrong with Facebook. To ensure profits I only invest in companies that I understand and I think will grow. When I make a decision to open a new position I take a lot of things into account.
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